Alterra, Wageningen

Alterra, part of Wageningen University and Research Centre, is a research institute for our green living environment. It offers practical and scientific research in a multitude of disciplines related to the green world around us and the sustainable use of our living environment. Our core-competence is to exchange expertise and capacity between academics and practice, and to match fundamental and practical research.

Competence brought to GIFT-T!

This competence of exchanging expertise and capacity between academics and practice is Alterra’s main contribution to GIFT-T. The Alterra research team in GIFT-T contributes its experience in innovations in land use change and sustainable rural development. Our innovations typically emerge in the interface between new academic insights and practical experiments. We learned how to enhance societal innovations by developing our methods in iteration between science and practice.

Role in GIFT-T

As the coordinator, Alterra integrates the results obtained by the GIFT-T partners and within the five case studies. By this integration we achieve a method that has generic practical value elsewhere in NW Europe. Alterra leads the GIFT-T partners on this common road, and enclose to them recent insights of scientific research in rural planning, sustainable land use and ecology. Alterra has coordinated many EU-commissioned projects with international partner teams, and brings in experienced officers to support in financial and communication matters.