The Partnership

GIFT-T! comprises of seven organisations across three European countries, each with specialist knowledge and expertise in green infrastructure (GI), landscape planning, conservation, ecosystem services and research. The partners are complementary in knowledge, experience and planning context.

GIFT-T! develops a new method based on linking functions of the landscape system to the economic and social benefits that shareholders obtain from investing in GI. We aim to merge innovative science with recently acquired practical experience. 

The two scientific partners (Alterra and SEGEFA) bring in knowledge on the landscape system: ecology and sociology of the Green Infrastructure of the landscape (Alterra) and economy of ecosystem services (SEGEFA). The Alterra group is known for research on how planning tools can be made effective in bottom-up spatial planning with stakeholders.

To confront the science with practical challenges, VLM and Province of Antwerp bring in their approaches with organising stakeholder-centered landscape change. The Province of South Holland, The Mersey Forest Team and Medway Council each bring in one module of the method. These modules were developed locally: goal-setting, diagnosis and design, and business plans.