Provincie Antwerpen

The Province of Antwerp has a dynamic regional government with an international outlook. With 1,7 million inhabitants it is the largest of all 10 provinces of Belgium. The province is a democratically-elected body, but lies under supervision of the Federal state and the Region.

The province of Antwerp is represented in GIFT-T! by the Agency of Sustainable Environmental & Nature policy (ASEN). Core tasks of ASEN are executing the legal tasks of the province concerning ecological corridors, executing the provincial landscape policy, supporting provincial water and green management agencies with ecological data and guidelines and supporting municipalities in their environmental, nature and landscape policy.

The province of Antwerp is in Flanders the legal authority for the spatial planning, designation and development of ecological corridors (as part of the Flemish Ecological Network). In this matter the ASEN has already taken several initiatives promoting the conservation, restoration and/or development of Green Infrastructure. The ASEN especially built up much experience with the integration of (ecological) connectivity within water retention areas and water course maintenance.

Within GIFT-T! the ASEN will develop a case in the Campine region. Combining the expertise concerning collaborative planning processes and GI the ASEN-case will have a strong focus on the role and potential of local and regional spatial planning for developing GI on inland dunes and small watercourses.