The SEGEFA is a research department of the University of Liege (ULg, Belgium), that addresses issues of basic or applied economic geography, and the interactions between development and territorial planning.

They offer a broad and in-depth approach on several levels (town, municipal, provincial, regional, national, international.) and constantly search for indicators and make use of geomatic tools.

The SEGEFA is also involved in several European networks through numerous projects, including the European Network of Territorial Intelligence (ENTI)'s project "new-LIFE" for the FP7.
Directed by Guénaël Devillet since October 2009, the SEGEFA was created in 1985 by Prof. Bernadette Mérenne-Schoumaker, who continues to collaborate with the team.

The SEGEFA is a member of Lepur, which federates interdisciplinary research units of the ULg that study the territory, as well as Geoscience units particularly focused on the techniques.

Within the GIFT-T project, the SEGEFA will implement and develop economic valuation techniques in order to assess ecosystem services in the GIFT-T case studies.