Vlaamse Rand rond Brussel

 Vlaamse Landmaatschappij


In two business case areas in the peri-urban area around Brussels (better known as Vlaamse Rand) the GIFT-T! project aims trhough a participative process to broaden and strengthen the landscape: in the area between the airport of Zaventem and Evere, and in the area around the Researchpark in Zellik. The actions to strengthen the landscape will be to the benefit of a broad spectrum of stakeholders: residents, employees, joggers, bikers, hikers, nature lovers, people in search for some peace and quiet, business people, … in short: for the benefit anyone young or old who wants to enjoy the unique landscape qualities of this strategic area.

More information on the case study can be found on www.landscapingyourfuture.be


Business case in the Brussels Airport Business Region.

Sister case: Oxygen for the valley of the Senne

Regionaal Landschap Pajottenland en Zennevallei.

The origin of the Brussels capital is due to the river Senne (French) or Zenne (Dutch). The running project ‘Oxygen for the valley of the Senne’ in the southwest of Brussels emphasizes this river as the natural spine of the surrounding landscape. Nowadays the area is industrialized and surrounded by a canal, railway and highway. Many companies are located along the Senne. Their buildings have turned their back to the river and don’t use the qualities of the riverside. The river can hardly be experienced. A path along the Senne will be provided and companies will be asked to get involved in the improvement of the green and blue infrastructure in the connecting area to their business site.

In this sister case of GIFT-T, the Regionaal Landschap Pajottenland en Zennevallei will work together with the Vlaamse Landmaatschappij on developing a communication and participation strategy based on the Ecosystem Services concept. This to get businesses involved and willing to pay for the improvement of green infrastructure. In a small scale subproject ‘Senne and Company’ this strategy will be tested on the very short term. Experiences will be reported back to the GIFT-T project team.

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