Hoo Peninsula

Medway Council


Originally led by Greening the Gateway Kent & Medway until April 2014, the Hoo Peninsula case study is now being led by Medway Council with the support of its members.

The council is working with GIFT-T! funding and partners to find new and better ways to reconcile conflict, develop commonly owned goals and realise new methods for bringing in additional funding.

Where is the Hoo Peninsula? The Hoo Peninsula is located within the North Kent Thames Gateway (Europe’s largest regeneration initiative).

Why is the Hoo Peninsula a good GIFT-T! case study? This area demonstrates most of the issues that have an impact on how communities work to plan and delivery a sustainable environmental, economic, social future. This future is importance to the 20,000 residents of the Peninsula, plus the numerous local, National and International business and wildlife interests co-located here.

What has been happened since the start of GIFT-T!? There have been four Big Community Conversations and over 30 individual community conversations. These conversations have included local residents, parish councils, landowners, local industry representatives and conservation groups.

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 To find out more contact Andrew Kent at: andrew.kent@medway.gov.uk  

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