Mijn Groen - ons Groen

Province of South-Holland


The project area of Mijn Groen – Ons Groen is the peri-urban region at the northwest of The Hague. It is a mainly rural area which is very near the cities The Hague, Leiden, Alphen aan den Rijn and Zoetermeer.

In this case we want to build extended experience with the opportunities of the so called dream sessions in which users or customers of the landscape are asked to tell their dreams on their landscape and biodiversity. These individual dreams are both used to build a common regional vision and users are challenged to implement the most executable dreams themselves.

Next to individual citizens and small entrepreneurs, we already have contacted large companies which are interested to take biodiversity into their corporate strategy for instance to build a good image, create added value or reduce the environmental impact of their production processes.



Case study area, Not yet available