The Campine Region

Province of Antwerpen


The case study area of the Campine Region is located within the municipalities of Balen, Geel, Meerhout and Mol (south east of the province of Antwerp).

The region is known for its hiqh quality nature area. Inland dunes and meandering streams, embedded in a rural landscape characterized by small-scape landscape elements like hedges and tree rows. An attractive landscape for recreational activities like walking, cycling, horse riding.

Our goal is to develop a common vision on the future of the inland dunes and their surroundings. A scenario which leads to a stronger and high quality landscape meeting the needs for people living and working there, and at the same time giving entrepreneurs opportunities  for investment.

Therefore we will develop, within GIFT-T!, a business plan for the region. Targets are the implementation of a commonly developed future scenario and the financing of this within a new framework.

It will be a true challenge for the region! 



Sister case: De Merode

A-Lente-Theo Meulemans 033.jpg

In 2004 the Belgian prince de Merode, member of an important aristocratic family, sold about 1,500 ha of land that was formerly used for timber exploitation, to the Flemish Land Agency (VLM). Together with several partners they started the first rural development project in Belgium. The area, known for its diverse landscape and rich cultural and religious heritage, is to be developed in an integrated way with attention to agriculture, nature and the preservation of specific heritage.

Collaboration between GIFT-T! and de Merode can push things forward in matter of businesses involvement and entrepreneurship. Getting more out of valorization of the landscape of adjacent regions.