The Mersey Forest

The Mersey Forest


The Mersey Forest Plan provides the long term vision for the work of the team and partnership –it provides a blueprint to create more woodlands and street trees across our area. It was approved by the UK Government in October 1994 and updated in 2001. We now are refreshing the Plan to bring it up to date and to reflect the progress that has been made.

We are asking for help to map woodlands and are asking everyone where they would like to see more trees. We have developed a web tool ( in order to gain a better understanding of which trees and woodlands communities value and why, where they’d like to see more, and ideas to improve existing sites.

We will be using this information, together with an innovative geospatial mapping methodology to provide an evidence base upon which to develop and implement local policy. The work will identify key areas for increasing woodland landscape connectivity that can assist not only in helping to reduce habitat fragmentation, but also provide a range of services.

This consultation is necessary in order to gain approval and support from our Steering Group, funding partners/key agencies, the wider community, sponsors/funders, and national government as the Plan may be material consideration in preparing local development plans and in deciding planning applications as stated in the UK National Planning Policy Framework.

The outcome will be a refreshed Forest Plan and Business Plan which will sets out our objectives and our actions for showing what we want to achieve, how we will achieve it, and how partner organisations' own targets can be met through creating the Forest.


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