The outputs of GIFT_T! presented here consist of:

  • Events
  • Final reports
  • Publications

A major output of GIFT-T! is the Manual.


A Mid-term Conference in Antwerp was held for the evaluation of common-applied methods; Several stakeholders from the policy and business community were present. More information: GIFT-T! leaflet capturing the summary of the mid-term meeting results.

On the 8th of May the GIFT-T Final Conference was held in Brussels in the case study area of the Vlaamse Landmaatschappij (VLM). In an excellent atmosphere 77 participants of businesses, governments and NGOs learned about the adchievements of the GIFT-T! project and shared ideas on the approach. In four workshops participants actively engaged in the applying the methods and tools on the cases. At the end of the conference the GIFT-T! Manual was launched in the presence of the representative of the European Environment Agency, Mr. Ronan Uhel.


GIFT-T! Film Biodiversity: What's in it for businesses


 Final Reports


The results of GIFT-T! has been published in several (popular and scientific) magazines. In addition two films have been made.