Our aim is to strengthen bottom up planning of Green Infrastructure and support the process to achieve real Green Infrastructure engagements with which stakeholders can realise the changes in Green Infrastructure to get their desired benefits. To do so GIFT-T! develops, tests and improves a toolbox, a manual and a generic road map, which can be applied in other areas.

What does GIFT-T bring to you?


  • Vivid examples of how communities can improve the quality of their environment, working together with businesses and administrative bodies.
  • Insight in how Green Infrastructure can strengthen both the local community and economy.
  • Handles and tools to enable you go through this process in your area.


  • Vivid examples of how Green Infrastructure can deliver value for businesses, and strengthen the embedding of businesses in local communities and the environment.
  • Insight in how businesses can be more sustainable by using and planning Green Infrastructure.
  • Handles and tools to enable your business to go through this process.


  • Vivid examples of what communities, business and administrative bodies can contribute to the implementation of the Water framework directive, the Habits and Birds Directive, the EU Biodiversity strategy and the Lisbon and Gothenburg strategies to grow prosperity within a context of sustainability.
  • Examples of how communities, business and administrative bodies can jointly improve the Green Infrastructure to their needs and wishes.
  • Insights and recommendations on the incentives and conditions required to enable communities, business and administrative bodies to jointly improve the Green Infrastructure.